Braymen, Munderloh, Shimeg, and Samardzija Ancestry

This is an online genealogy database for people related in some way to the Braymens, Munderlohs, Shimegs, and Samardzijas. It is maintained by Chris, but registered family users can submit suggestions for changes.

The site is currently private. Guests can log in using the username 'Guest' and password 'Guest'. If you are a family member you can click "Register for a User Account" and gain enhanced access. Help add to our collective knowledge!

As a starting place, try typing in Merrill Braymen in the search boxes in the upper right. Then press "Search". That will bring up a list of matches, and you can click on Merrill R. Braymen to bring up his Individual record. Then click the "Descendants" tab to see a graphic view of people descended from Merrill. Or click the "His Side" or "Her Side" links in the upper left.

Have fun!

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